Changing the World: President Obama Supports Gay Marriage

I rarely post two things like this in a row, especially politically oriented. But today the President made history once again, and with the kind of magnitude we don’t see often in our lifetimes. I think it’s important to make that clear. Because what Obama did today could almost be related to what it’s like to come out of the closet. By openly supporting gay marriage, there’s no turning back now. Once it’s out there, it’s there for good. For a politician to do this in an election year truly does go beyond everything I ever expected from him. I know how politics works, which often makes me extremely cynical.

This morning when I heard that North Carolina had voted to ban same sex marriage, I felt a combination of emotions. The overall feeling was complete dismissal. It just meant another hurdle. But when I heard what the President did this afternoon, I have to say that even I had to stop and think about the magnitude of the entire situation. Up until now, no one with that kind of power, who has so much riding on an important election, has ever had that kind of courage. And whether you agree with it or not, whether you support him or not, it truly is the kind of thing that makes history and changes the world.

Here’s a link to a piece with a video of an interview Obama did this afternoon.

And this is an e-mail I received from the Freedom to Marry Campaign I’ve been posting about for a few years now.


Today, President Obama added his voice to the growing chorus of Americans who believe that all couples should share equally in the freedom to marry. He now becomes the first sitting President to join the majority of Americans whose hearts have opened and minds have changed in favor of the freedom to marry.

Like so many others who have made this journey – from Bill Clinton to Laura Bush, most recently Vice President Biden, and a majority of the American people – President Obama has come to know loving and committed gay couples. Through thought and conversation about these families and their dreams and challenges, President Obama has reflected on his own values of fairness and respect for others, and completed his journey to support for the freedom to marry.

Whether signing our “I Do” petitions, joining us in on-the-ground battles, or having your own conversations with people you persuade, you’ve been part of Freedom to Marry’s campaign as we have led this work nationwide. On this historic day, please make a contribution so together we can build on this powerful momentum:

At Freedom to Marry we know–as the President and Vice President have just described–that it’s the power of our conversations about why marriage matters that changes hearts and minds. Through our hard work, determination and persuasive conversations, we have won the freedom to marry in six states and the District of Columbia, with states like California, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Washington, and others on the horizon – if we do our work with urgency and persuasion.

The President’s announcement of support today marks a historic turning point for our freedom to marry movement.

Yet there is much left to be done. Forty-four states continue to exclude same-sex couples from marriage and because of the federal so-called Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the civil marriages of thousands of same-sex couples are not respected by the federal government, thus depriving families of a crucial safety-net of federal protections and responsibilities.

As we roll up our sleeves to do the work necessary to win the freedom to marry once and for all, make a donation to Freedom to Marry to help us redouble our efforts, and get the job done:

Thanks for all you do,

Evan Wolfson,
Founder and President, Freedom to Marry

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