May 11th Release: Cowboy Mike and Buddy Boy

I just received the final draft of “Cowboy Mike and Buddy Boy.” The release date will be May 11, 2012. It’s a short story e-book being released with It’s gay fiction with a hint of romance. But I hate to classify anything I write anymore because someone else always does it for me. And I don’t mind this at all. Generally speaking: CMABB is gay, and it’s fiction. I’ll post more links when it’s released.

No spoilers, though. Here’s the blurb and a brief excerpt.

When Noah realizes he’s fallen in love with the wrong person, he decides to change his life and his circumstances. He vows he’ll never get involved with a cowboy or a married man again. But when Noah’s married cowboy, Mike, begs him not to leave, Mike explains that his marriage was over a long time ago and then he promises to do the right thing. Unfortunately, Mike’s wife finds out about Mike and Noah before Mike has a chance to tell her he wants a divorce. And, this all happens on Halloween night, when Noah meets Mike on his way home from a costume party. It’s the first time Noah’s ever done drag in his life and it’s only a joke. But Mike’s wife doesn’t find it funny when she catches Mike with his hand up Noah’s tight dress in the backseat of a car.

One autumn a few years back, there was an attractive, young man who began to wonder if his life was heading in the right direction. He had good reason to wonder. But he was having such a damn good time sneaking around with his married lover, he decided not to think about it…too much.

He was only 22 years old at the time, a recent college graduate with a degree in business, still working as a waiter in a small, rural town in Montana, waiting for his real life to begin. He was slim and lanky and muscle-toned, with a shock of dark brown hair that screened his forehead and thick tresses that always appeared slightly wind blown. Dark lashes framed his deep blue eyes and a dimple in his chin caused most people to glance at him twice. If someone didn’t know him well, they would have thought his bland taste in clothing wasn’t his best asset. He had an unadventurous style of dress, veering precariously close to parochial-school uniform.

He did deserve some credit in one area. Most guys his age, with his small-town background, would have settled for marrying their high-school sweetheart and ignoring their innate, natural urges with men. “It’s only a phase I’m going through,” they would have told themselves. “I’ll just get married, have a few kids, and I’ll stop thinking about guys sooner or later,” they would have rationalized. In spite of how much progress gay people had made in urban areas, in rural areas, gay life was still one of the top-ten taboos, and gay people still had limited options.

It never occurred to Noah to say that even once. He simply
could not help the way he felt about his married lover, Mike, and the things
they did when they met up on the sly. For that matter, he couldn’t help the
fact that he’d always been attracted to men, especially cowboys.

On the night Noah began to question where his life was going and the magnitude of sleeping around with a married man finally hit him, he was meeting Mike at the rest stop on the interstate. They met here often; it was safe and no one ever would have thought to look for them there. Mike was Noah’s first and only lover; a man who could curl Noah’s toes and make his eyes roll to the back of his head with the simple touch of one finger. When Mike held Noah in his arms, the world tilted on its side.

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