Lethal Obsession Blog by Michele Montgomery

Here’s another author I’d like to highlight today, Michele Montgomery. She also writes m/m romance, and I like her work a great deal. There’s a “real” quality about it, and a lot more emotion than I’m used to seeing. If there were such a genre as “reality fiction,” I think this is how her work would be classified.

She also gets into her characters very deeply. To the point where she’s created a blog that discusses her character’s lives in depth. You can check the blog out by clicking here. I think you’ll enjoy what she’s doing.

I recently read a comment on a book review site where someone mentioned that authors don’t use their blogs enough to discuss their books, their intentions, and what motivates their stories and characters. I tend to agree with this comment. And when you see what Michele has done with this blog, you’ll see she’s taken this concept to another level.

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