As the title suggests, this short story stand alone (stand alone means it’s not a full length novel for those who might be wondering…and it’s not priced like a full length novel either) revolves around surfing in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. It’s only a small part of one young man’s journey, but it’s a part of his life that may or may not have a great deal of impact on him in the future.
When young Stedman graduates from college, he decides to spend the summer in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. He wants to take a well-deserved break from studying, he needs to face his dreaded fear of water, and he’s desperate to work on overcoming a sexual phobia he can’t explain to anyone. It’s such a ridiculous phobia he can’t stop thinking about it. In spite of many protests from his successful Afro-American father and his gorgeous Caucasian mother, he takes the cross country road trip to Carmel-by-the-Sea anyway. The first thing he does when he gets there is sign up for surfing lessons so he can work on his fear of water. And before he even knows what’s about to happen, thanks to the experienced hands of his big strong surfing instructor, he soon finds himself in the perfect situation to work on his sexual phobia as all.

2 thoughts on “New Release: BILLABONG BANG

  1. "As the title suggests, this short story stand alone (stand alone means it's not a full length novel for those who might be wondering…and it's not priced like a full length novel either)"LOLI thought "stand-alone" meant a story that's not part of a series. A story that could stand by itself. Doesn't the "short story" part indicate that it's not a full-length novel?Anyway, thanks for the heads up. I like the shorts you release from LYD. 🙂

  2. Caitlin…I've seen different definitions…you are correct. But I've also seen short e-books…short stories…called stand alones, too. And I like to clarify here because a lot of large retail web sites that sell e-books don't give the best product descriptions. A lot of readers tell me they short by looking at prices, which isn't always correct. I have one full length novel on Amazon that's .99 which leads reader to think it's a short story. I've had people on Amazon, reviewers, give a short story e-book one star simply because they were expecting a full length novel when they made the purchase. I know this because they've commented in the review. They are angry. And one guy who reviews historicals said he was disappointed in a short story because he thought he was getting a full length novel, too. So I try to be specific here in posts, and always try to guide readers to do a little research before they buy something. ARe and fictionwise do a great job with product description, but not all do. If it sounds like overkill, you're right. It is. But I've learned never to assume anything 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

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