Month: November 2010

Facebook Control and Disabling Accounts for No Reason

I posted earlier this week about my experiences with Facebook disabling my account, for no valid reason and without any prior notice. And after sending facebook administrators quite a few e-mails about being disabled, my account was restored and they refused to give me a reason why it was disabled in the first place. I know it wasn’t because I’d violated any of their rights. I keep my facebook page as pg-rated as I keep this blog. Actually, my facebook page is g-rated…other than the fact that many of my posts are geared toward the lgbt community.

With all the Thanksgiving preparations I was making this week, plus working on edits for an upcoming romance novel I’m submitting to the publisher on Monday, I didn’t have much time to think about facebook. But late last night I started wondering about the control facebook has over people these days. And then I received an e-mail from my good blogging buddy, Ryan, telling me his facebook account had been disabled, which only made me think more about the control facebook seems to have over all of its members.

I’m gay and I write gay romance and gay erotic romance. For many people, books like mine are controversial in many ways. And I post about my gay romances all the time on facebook and I can’t help wondering if maybe some other facebook member reported me for posting about gay fiction. Though I can’t prove this because facebook refuses to let me know why my account was disabled, I’m fully aware of how many people there are who would rather not see or read anything about the lgbt community at all. Not even my dull, g-rated facebook posts. And please don’t tell me I’m being paranoid, thank you. I’ve been openly gay all my life and I’ve experienced the hate and discrimination first hand in far more important places than facebook. You’d think it would be simple: if you don’t like an lgbt oriented facebook post all you have to do is defriend that person. But that’s not how hate works. These haters would rather report someone for posting something lgbt oriented…no matter how g-rated it is…and then sit back and laugh.

And my longtime blogging buddy, Ryan, is openly gay and has been blogging about his experiences as an openly gay man for many years now. And though I’ve never been offended by any of his facebook posts, I can’t help but wonder whether or not someone else was offended and decided to report him. And without even doing a fair investigation, facebook decided to disable his account. This makes two in a row in one week’s time, which makes me wonder whether or not there’s something more going on in the background. Again, this is all alleged. And I can’t prove any of this because facebook isn’t a democracy, it’s more like an empire that makes its own rules and regulations and you either follow them or they banish you from their kingdom.

Unfortunately, the one thing facebook seems to forget is that there are many people like me who don’t take them as seriously as they wish we did. I rarely speak about politics on this blog, but I’m an American and I believe in democracy and as little government intervention as possible. I cherish having rights and I live to voice my opinion. And, as far as facebook is concerned, even though I’ve always respected their rules and regulations, I’m not too thrilled with this policy of disabling accounts without giving a valid reason. It’s the least they can do, after all.

In the grand scheme, it doesn’t really matter. It’s. Only. Facebook. And I’d rather die than make facebook my home page (argh, talk about control). I have a feeling facebook will be the hoola hoop trend of this time period and we’ll all look back and joke about it someday, the same way we joke about big cell phones and TV’s with knobs and dials. I’m already seeing signs of people getting bored with facebook. And if you’re like me, and facebook has disabled your account for no apparent reason, the trend is going to fade sooner than the folks running facebook thought it would.

Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day here in the US. And millions of people will be yanking on turkey necks and shoving stuffing up a turkey’s butt at an ungodly hour. And I’ll be joining them. I have twelve people coming for dinner, which is half the amount I had last year at my home. But I’ll still be up at six in the morning to get that turkey into the oven and trying once again to figure out how long it should remain there. If I remember correctly, it’s like twenty minutes per pound. (Or per person: I don’t cook often; I have cook books.)

But I have a lot to be thankful for in my life, and I try to stay on top of this as much as I can. And though I don’t need a specific day to remind me of how thankful I am, it’s nice to know there is a specific day in case I ever forget.

And no, this isn’t an actual photo of me holding a turkey neck. I pilfered it from a web site I’d googled by doing a search for “Thanksgiving Photos.” First, I’d never have tacky curtains like that in my kitchen, thank you. Second, I usually just yank that ugly neck thing out while it’s still wrapped in paper, hold my nose, and throw it away as fast as I can (smile).

New Excerpt From Ricky’s Business

I always like to post an excerpt that hasn’t been posted anywhere before. So here’s an excerpt from Ricky’s Business that hasn’t been posted on any web sites or by any online e-book retailers. This is a scene from Chatper Four, where a she-male escort shows up at Ricky’s door and Ricky’s not sure what to do next. I edited a few parts, because this is a pg rated blog. But I like the fact that these parts don’t need to be in the book in order to have a storyline.

Later that night, the doorbell rang and Ricky’s entire body froze. It was one of those long drawn out bells that sounded like the chimes in Westminster Abby. He was sprawled out across his bed sideways, legs together, toes pointed, and back arched. No one ever knocked on the front door after nine o’clock at night. There was an unwritten law about that sort of thing in the suburbs.

The only light in the house came from a small gooseneck lamp on his desk. He jumped out of bed, pulled his jeans up and packed his erection to the right. He squinted and scowled; he was sensitive because he’d been on the verge. When he went to the closet to choose a shirt, he decided on a long, loose polo that would cover his crotch. All this fuss just to answer the door.

At first, he had no idea who could be ringing the bell. Everyone knew his mother and father were out of town. He doubted it was Leyland. Then, on his way downstairs, he remembered the phone call Leyland had made to the male prostitute earlier that night. Oh, it had to be the male prostitute. When he reached the front hallway and the bell rang again, he felt a sharp thud in his stomach, as if someone had just punched him.

He reached for the doorknob and asked, “Who’s there?” with a timid voice. He’d thought about not answering and pretending no one was home. But that wouldn’t have been right. Leyland had made the call and this person had come all the way out to New Jersey for nothing.

“It’s Dawn,” a deep voice said. “I’m the one you called earlier.”

Ricky took a deep breath and blinked. He’d been under the impression Leyland had called a male prostitute, not a female. “Dawn?”

“That’s what I said, honey.”

It sounded like a man. But what man calls himself Dawn? So Ricky opened the door slowly. When he looked up his head jerked back and his eyes popped. Standing in his doorway, in the middle of his neat, cookie cutter sub-division, was the tallest, blondest she-male he’d ever seen. Actually, it was the only she-male he’d ever seen in person, up close. Dawn wore a black knitted mini-dress that hugged every curve in his body, tall black stilettos, and a long brassy blond wig. His thick, long masculine fingers were tipped with long red nails that curved down like commas, his pierced ears had long dangling clusters of rhinestones, and his mouth was bathed in ruby red lip gloss.

Facebook Account Update and Comments About Book Piracy

First, my facebook account was just enabled again…after being disabled for twenty four hours for no apparent reason. Evidently, there’s no clear cut reason why this happens and to be honest I’m not taking the time to pursue it. It’s back up and running, and that’s all I care about. As much as I do enjoy facebook, I can also live without it if I have to. And in the grand scheme of my life, facebook isn’t all that significant.

I’d also like to thank the people who have been commenting on a post I wrote about book pirates. I’m learning a lot of things I didn’t know, especially about what motivates people to pirate books. In many ways this is a difficult position for an author, because the people pirating the books are fans. So I’m learning a lot I didn’t know, and I encourage anyone to comment on the topic.


I just logged into my main facebook account and found it was disabled for no apparent reason. I didn’t receive a warning, and I know I’ve never violated any of their rules. My facebook page is like this blog: pg rated and I never post anything offensive, crude, or insulting.

So if you’re looking for me on facebook, I still have another page I don’t focus on as much, under the name Ryan Field. Feel free to send me a friend request while I work on getting to the bottom of why my main account was disabled. And you can follow my author page at “Books by Ryan Field,” which I update often.

Now I’m going back to let a few facebook friends know what happened so they don’t think I defriended them.