No More Tim Urban?

Was I shocked last night. Seriously. With about three or four average contestants left on AI, Tim Urban is the one who went home last night? I didn’t think he’d go to the final two (I think Bowersox will win), but I was hoping he’d at least survive the next two or three weeks.

Unfortunately, Tim Urban was one of the few reasons I watched the show this season. The quirky, cheesy Ford commercials they force the contestants to do had reached the level of intolerance for me. And when they sing those awful group songs, I just switch to another channel until they are over. But more than that, the songs these contestants are choosing this year are the worst in the history of the show.

I have a feeling that American Idol has seen better days, and now it’s time for Glee to take over.

4 thoughts on “No More Tim Urban?

  1. haha almost same post we got on the same wave a few times this week i think. i hope crystal meth dont win really dont like her im pulling for lee i guess but i wont be watching like before no reason with tim gone. like i said in my post aaron is cute but still a few more ice cream seasons away from being legal so all i can say about him is he's cute! love ya bro!

  2. Tim is definitely adorable but sadly enough it took him til just a few weeks ago to get to where his singing was good. A shame, really, I almost thought he might pull it off. Not sure how the hell Casey stays on, he's just the same over and over again. Without Tim, not really much reason to watch tho…-doug

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