Day: January 16, 2010

Ryan’s Brother Ty is Doing Better…

I just read on that Ryan’s brother, Ty, is coming out of his coma and doing much better.

If you didn’t read my earlier post about Ty, here’s a link :

Ryan is like a younger brother to me, and I was very worried this week. I’m still worried, because he’s probably not eating right (lol), but at least it’s good to know that things are getting better.
When I went through something like this with a family member a few years ago, a wonderful woman I didn’t really know very well (Jodi) would light a candle every night. It was a glass candle with an image of Our Lady of Guadeloupe. When my family member started to recover, Jodi gave me the candle and I never put it away. It’s in my kitchen, on the mantle of the fireplace, and tonight I’m going to light it again for Ty.