Month: December 2009

VANCE’S FLAMES is Now a Stand Alone E-Book

VANCE’S FLAMES is a short story that was originally published in a collection of short stories by Cleis Press, which was edited by Shane Allison. And now VANCE’S FLAMES is being released as a stand alone e-book, by, and I wanted to post some background information that I think will interest readers.

This new e-book release isn’t an exact edition of the originally published short story. I think this one is far better; I’m much happier with it. It’s longer, there’s more depth of emotion, and there’s a quiet, happy, romantic ending. I also had full editorial control with this version, thanks to the wonderful e-publisher, Claudia Regenos, at, and I was able to turn a naughty little story into a sharp lgbt romance that’s socially responsible, with two very unlikely male characters who find each other, in spite of their differences.
The editor I worked with on this is Janet Schelke, from Loveyoudivine, and Dawne Dominique did the cover art. Both Janet and Dawne worked with me on DOWN THE BASEMENT, and it’s always a great experience working with both of them. I can’t find a link for Janet (I will look, though) but here’s one for Dawne Dominique……if you’d like to check out her web site.

VANCE’S FLAMES will be released on January 8, 2010. Here’s a review about the story, by Rainbow Reviews, that was published when the story appeared in the original print collection:
“Vance’s Flames” by Ryan Field ~ Vance has loved fire since he was little and when he gets assigned community service at a volunteer fire station he shows fireman Bucky just how good he is at starting fires.

The Rejecter’s Links to Some Interesting Insights on E-Books

I’ve been reading The Rejecter’s blog for a long time now. I’m not usually a fan of anonymous blogs, especially anonymous literary agent blogs, but I think her posts are helpful to readers and writers.

This week she published a short post about e-books that I loved. The post provides some great links to help understand the controversy that continues to surround e-books.

On a smaller level, I’ve been affected as a writer. There are books I’m in, where I contributed short stories, that have been released in digital form and I never knew they would be released in digital form (I recently contacted an anthology editor and he didn’t even know his books had been released in digital form until I sent him links to amazon…lol). When I signed the contracts, before digital publishing became an option, I was paid a flat rate to be in print books. And now I’ll never see royalties from these newly released e-books. But I did sign non-exclusive contracts, and I still own the copyrights to my own work, so I’m not totally screwed. It might even help. So I’m not complaining; it’s all good.

But I am re-thinking where, and to whom, I submit my work from now on. And I’ll be reading the contracts in detail, to see if they pay royalties on e-books.

Here’s the link to The Rejecter:

All Christmas Books are .99 this Week at Ravenous Romance

As a holiday gift to all the wonderful readers who shop for books at, there’s a special Christmas incentive being offered this week. All Christmas books are only $.99. This includes my novel, A CHRISTMAS CARL, and a book I contributed a short story to, I SAW DADDY KISSING SANTA CLAUS.

I have a few favorite e-book web sites I use. But when I can buy a book directly from the publisher’s web site, I do. And the main reason I do it is to take advantage of deals like this. I don’t know where else you can buy a brand new release for only $.99. And in this economy, I don’t think I know anyone who isn’t looking for a bargain.

I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus…

Here’s a recently released collection of short stories, edited by the wonderful Lori Perkins. I have a short story in this one, about a gay couple who have two adopted daughters and are going through all the stresses and frustrations, just like all parents, which go along with the Christmas season. My story is tender, funny, and romantic. And if you’re looking for a happy ending, you won’t be disappointed.
This one was fun to write. I almost wish I knew the characters in my story. They’d be great guys to hang out with on New Year’s Eve.

Nathan Bransford and a Worthy Cause…

I didn’t list nathan Bransford’s blog yesterday in my post about literary agents, because I don’t have time to follow it every single day. But I did check it out today, and I saw that he’s doing something very nice for a very worthy cause. It takes a second. Check it out and leave a comment. Here’s info, pilfered from facebook:

Agent Nathan Bransford is doing a great thing today for Charity. If you leave a comment on his thread, he’s donating 1.00 for each comment, to a very worthy cause. It only takes a minute. Just leave a name, where you live, and a wish…

Nathan Bransford – Literary Agent: Making Spirits Bright With Heifer International
I’m a literary agent with the San Francisco office of Curtis Brown Ltd. and the author of JACOB WONDERBAR AND THE COSMIC SPACE KAPOW, which will be published by Dial Books for Young Readers in 2011.

Best Literary Agent Blogs of the Year…

As a career writer, I depend on publishing blogs for information. And most of the publishing blogs where I get my information are written by literary agents.

I also receive a lot of e-mails from readers and fans who want to get into publishing with their own writing, and I’m always offering links to my favorite blogs, where I think they can get the best advice. This advice is free; you don’t have to pay for it.

The blogs I always advise potential writers to stay away from are the blogs that focus more on rejection than publication, with snarky blog posts about the awful queries they receive on a daily basis. They can be funny at first, but it gets tired. And, they are usually anonymous bloggers, which makes them pointless and insignificant. I’m also not a huge fan of the “best friend” agent bloggers. These are the agent bloggers who have an agenda they are trying to push with blogging; they aren’t doing it just for fun and to help writers. They are usually younger agents, without many big books, and they tend to create more hype than writers need to know. They also attract a huge, almost cult-like following, of people who don’t have the slightest clue about what the publishing industry is all about. And I find that the comments on “best friend” agents blogs can often be harmful to new writers.

Below is a short list of my daily publishing blog habits. I don’t link to them on my sidebar, but I do read them daily to keep informed. And if you are seeking publication, or plan to seek publication in the future, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these blogs. And I’m not listing them in any specific order: I think they all do equally well in keeping writers informed. This one covers it all. It’s never snarky and there’s always something to learn. This one is practical, with industry news that is always objective and informative. And, it gets into some of the more technical areas of publishing, with regards to contracts and other important things writers should know. I learned what “in perpetuity” was from this blog. And, she’s a nicest person on the Internet. You’ll find a great deal about querying agents and what to avoid while querying agents on this blog. And, you’ll get a good laugh, too. Though she can be a bit abrasive at times, she balances it out, always, with posts about how much she loves her work. And I never feel as if I’m being treated poorly there, and I always feel as if she’s the best writers’ advocate on the web. This is a smart blog, written by a brilliant man. He hasn’t posted anything in a while, but it’s worth checking out to see what he’ll post next, and also to read previous posts. I’ve been his fan for a long time and I don’t think he knows how many fans he really has, which makes his blog even nicer to read. This is blog is simple, to the point, and if you’re interested in horror, erotic romance, or anything along the lines of erotica, it’s probably one of the few agents blogs where you can get information about the genre. She also is a huge fan of lgbt books, and she has over twenty years of agenting experience under her belt. He doesn’t post daily. But he is, to me, the God of literary agents. Every single post is worth reading if you are serious about getting published. His own published book “The First Five Pages,” helped me more than any publishing book out there. I like these guys because there’s no BS. It’s real, it’s informative, and there are no bells and whistles. And, the books they’ve sold speak for themselves. They don’t have to have bells and whistles, their professional track record is all they need. This one is a *must* for new writers. You’ll learn more about querying agents here than anywhere else on the web. And it’s done very well.

There are a few others that I didn’t mention, but that’s only because I don’t have time to read them all on a daily basis. So check out the blogs above and see what you think. And try to avoid the “best friend” agent blogs if you can. Over a period of time, if you are a new writer, they can do more harm than good.

A Shout 4 Malia Sutton: Four Cup Review from Coffee Time Romance

I gave my blogging buddy, Ryan, a shout earlier today. And now I’m giving one to another writer friend, Malia Sutton, who wrote a wonderful pg rated vampire romance, with a sub-plot that includes two socially responsible, well written, gay characters.

Her book just received a fantastic four cup review from Coffee Time Romance, which is a well known romance book review site. Here’s the link,

Malia’s book can be purchased in print edition on and as the Escape with Romance Collection on And it can also be purchased on most well known site where e-books are sold, including and

Elisa Rolle’s Rainbow Awards…

Now that The Rainbow Awards are over and the winners have been announced. I wanted to write a blog post thanking Elisa Rolle, and everyone else who was involved, for making this event possible. This includes the authors and publishers who contributed and entered their work.

For me, The Rainbow Awards were significant for many reasons. And one reason is because these awards had no stipulations. If you wrote or published an LGBT book, you were included in the process. Another reason is that digital books were included. Digital books are the future, and it was refreshing to see them included in this event.

Without the Internet, this wouldn’t have been possible for authors or readers. Without people like Elisa Rolle and everyone who contributed their time and energy, this wouldn’t have been possible. And most of all, without the dedicated readers this wouldn’t have been possible.

I’m looking forward to next year’s Rainbow Awards already. And I’ll offer all the support I can to help make this an annual event.

Duel Post: A Huge Thank You, and Ravenous Romance is on TV Again

First, I’d like to thank all the readers who have helped make DOWN THE BASEMENT number six on I’m still surprised. And when I say thanks, I really mean it.

Second, will be on The Home Shopping Network again this Friday, selling the Escape to Romance Collection, at 8 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. This is exciting for everyone associated with ravenous. Even though none of my books are part of the collection, I’m supporting RR as much as I can. I’ve read the books in the collection, and I’m a huge fan of all the writers. So if you need any last minute Christmas gifts, check it out. This is the last day that HSN will guarantee shipping by Christmas Day.