Read it Forward…

Read it Forward:

We’re trying to start something new. A blogging buddy of mine, Ryan from aguyinlove, came up with this idea and we were wondering how many people would be interested in doing it. It’s called “Read it Forward,” and it’s basically an Internet concept of sharing books with other bloggers who are interested in reading. It’s simple: you make a list of books you’ve read on your blog and if someone’s interested they contact you and you send it to them. And you do the same with other bloggers who have made a list of books on their blogs. You tell them what book you’d like to read on their list, and they send it to you. There’s no money involved; just postage. And someone who might not be able to afford a book gets a chance to read something they wouldn’t have been able to read otherwise.

Our country is going through an economic crisis right now. People have stopped spending money on luxuries. And I think a lot have stopped buying books to save money. Some don’t have libraries or can’t get to them. So for those of us who are still buying books and reading, it might be a good way to pay it forward by “reading it forward.”

Right now Ryan and I are just asking around to see how many people would be interested. Ryan has listed a few books he’d be willing to send on his blog and I’ll do the same if I see an interest. So if anyone is interested, contact Ryan above at his blog and leave a comment. Or contact me at my blog and leave a comment.

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