Lambda Award and new Book Deal…

Sometimes good news comes in twos.
First, this week I found out that AN OFFICER AND HIS GENTLEMAN has been sold to a large publisher with a long standing reputation in the GBLT community for putting out quality books. I’m not going to mention the details yet, because the announcement hasn’t been formally made. But I will as soon as it is. At this point, the book can be purchased on in paperback or kindle, and on as an e-book.

Second, I heard some really good news this morning from an editor at Cleis Press, Richard Labonte. It seems that BEST GAY EROTICA 2009 has won a Lambda Award for gay erotica. And my short story, “Down the Basement” was part of the book. So congrats to Richard Labonte and James Lear for putting this award winning anthology together. Congrats to all the other contributors in this book. And a special thank you to Rachel Kramer Bussel for suggesting that my story be included in the book. “Down the Basement” was first published in an anthology by Rachel, titled Crossdressing.”

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