American Idol? Sometimes You Just Can’t Predict These Things…

When I first thought about writing AMERICAN STAR, I knew I had to handle the storyline with care. It had to mimmick the TV show, “American Idol,” in a broad sense as a reality show, but it also had to take on a life of its own as far as storyline went. I didn’t want any of the characters, minor or main, to resemble any one particular person involved with the TV show. It was tempting, but I didn’t do it.

And then I read this, followed by photos of handsome young Adam Lambert, a new contestant on “American Idol,” posing with a guy. AMERICAN STAR couldn’t possibly be fictionalized any more than it already is. But this season of “American Idol” seems to be following the book. And I personally want to offer my support to Adam. He really is one of the most talented singers ever to hit the American Idol stage. And I’m going to be casting my vote his way as long as he remains a contestant.

3 thoughts on “American Idol? Sometimes You Just Can’t Predict These Things…

  1. I had to stop watching American Idol, because I was so sick of Ryan and Simon trading gay-negative insults all the time. They aren’t even very good at it.

  2. i watch american idol on and off. i was suppose to be on the season this year seeing as I auditioned for it but nope, didnt happen. Oh well. Adam is soo smexy its disturbing. Im glad there are pics of him smoochin, better now then later. about what mark said i agree. ryan and simon need to fuck already and get it over with those closeted men.later ryan,angel

  3. Mark: I agree. That’s why I wrote the novel. I’m so glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks it’s wrong. Very wrong. Angel: If you can sing, keep trying, don’t ever stop.

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