Month: March 2009

Check it out: A new blogger!!

I know I’m really guilty of using this blog to promote books I’ve written and publishers with whom I work. It’s something I have to do and I hope I do it without boring people to death. But it can get tired, in a blogging sense.

So, this week, I’m mainly posting things on the blog to promote other people. I might promote a writer. I might promote another blogger. So if anyone’s interested let me know.

Today I’m posting about a new blogger who started a real estate blog in the town where I live, New Hope, PA, in Bucks County. He’s gay, he’s just learning about blogging, and he can use some support…even if it’s just one comment. The blog is here,, and I think there are some interesting posts.


THE MILE HIGH CLUB has been running for free, for a limited time, on I’ve received a great deal of mail, many wonderful comments, and I’m really happy to see that people are reading it and enjoying it.
The interesting thing about this story is that there are two different published versions out now. The first one that was published is on, and the other short story has just been published under the title of BERT AND BETTY in a brand new anthology just released by Cleis Press, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. The Cleis anthology is also titled, THE MILE HIGH CLUB. It’s an anthology that includes BERT AND BETTY and other sexy, romantic stories that deal with sex and love in the sky.
Both stories are hot, both have an interesting twist that involves a sexy young guy, an attractive young woman, and two uninhibited young gay men. The main difference is that in the story on the man and woman are a married couple, playing a little erotic game to spice up their love lives. And in the Cleis story the man and woman aren’t married and they meet for the first time on the plane. But both are romantic, a little funny, and similar in many ways.

Radio Interview March 25…

I’m doing a radio interview on March 25, at 8 pm eastern, with James Hipps from The interview will focus on books, publishing, and more. One of the things we’ll probably talk about will be blogging and other gay bloggers. By chance, it turns out that gayagenda is also affiliated with And I worked for them, doing interviews and reviews for a long time under the previous owners. So we’ll get into that, too. I really like the way they’ve grown in the last few years. When I first started, they were a small blog with a big idea. And now they reach millions all over the world.

The interesting thing is that I’m usually the one doing the interview, so I’m going to have to sit back, let someone else take control, and answer the questions without coming off as a pushy writer. At least I’m going to try.


I just found out today that AN OFFICER AND HIS GENTLEMAN is available for download on It can be purchased in audio version at, amazon, all romance ebooks and fictionwise, too.

I’ve listened to the audio version myself, and was really impressed. And that doesn’t always happen. Rush McCane has a calm, smooth voice and he keeps the listener interested at all times. Below are the details taken directly from

An Officer and His Gentle Man
By Ryan Field
Narrated by Rush McCane
Rating: 5.0 (1 Ratings)
Length: 5 hrs and 55 min
Release Date: 03-16-09
Regular Price:

Retro Fans of Rootie Kazootie…

I wanted to post a small excerpt from HOW THE WEST WAS DONE. First, because I love the book, I love the editor and I don’t think I’ve ever read a book so fast in my life. I couldn’t put it down. And second, because the story I wrote for the book came to me so fast. This doesn’t usually happen. Here’s an excerpt from the story I wrote, titled: RUDY’S NEW KAZOO. One of the characters is a huge fan of the old TV show, “Rootie Kazootie,” and one learns how to play his kazoo.

The small, wooden cabin they shared had one room, which didn’t give either of them any privacy. There was a kitchen area with a gas stove, a worn table with four rickety chairs, and bunks beds next to a stone fireplace that was filled with cigarette butts. When Cody took him inside the first time, he had to lift his hand to wave cobwebs away from his face. And with each step he took, clouds of dust rose from the old wooden planks beneath his feet. On a wall beside the bunk beds, there were black and white photographs pinned haplessly to the unfinished wooden walls. He recognized one photo as the cast of the “I Love Lucy Show,” but he wasn’t sure about the rest. “What are all these pictures?” he asked.

“Ah well,” Cody said, “they belonged to the ranch hand I had up here a few years back and I never bothered to take them down. He collected pictures from old TV shows from the l950’s. This one was his favorite.” Cody leaned forward and pointed to a black and white photo of what looked like a puppet, with an over-sized head, wearing a large baseball cap with the brim pushed all the way back. “It was some kind of kids show. It was called ‘Rootie Kazootie.’ This guy even had a kazoo like the puppet, and he used to play it all the time. He was pretty good, too. Used to play that song, ‘You Are My Sunshine’ a lot.” He rubbed his stubble and laughed. Then he asked, “You play the kazoo?”

Rudy ran his hand down his jeans to brush a cobweb off his fingertips and frowned. The place was filthy: Cody’s dirty socks hung from the backs of chairs; his smelly boxer shorts were piled in a corner beside the lower bunk bed. And the stove had stacks of grimy pots and pans all over the surface. “Ah no,” he said, “I don’t play the kazoo.” He wanted to say, I don’t sing and I don’t dance either, but he didn’t want to sound curt.

“Too bad,” Cody said, “It gets kind of dull around here sometimes.” Then he dropped a cigarette on the floor, crushed it with the heel of his cowboy boot and kicked it into the fireplace.